miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2016

Types of printers: Sintered

This tecnologhy uses dust or liquid that is melted by a laser layer by layer , when it finish a layer come down to the base and it adds a dust´s layer that is melted too , just like that , until finish the piece.

Using this method we can make prints that are printers molten filament is impossible if supports are not used, and can also be made much more complex pieces, such mechanisms if they were printed with molten filament need to be mounted gear to gear.
You can also melt metal powder for metal impressions, such as bicycle frames, car parts or specialized, which can be difficult to machine by chip removal.

Also thanks to a magnifying glass Fresnel print has been achieved with sand in the Sahara desert, reaching an incredible temperatures and using sunlight as the only energy source.
Also, as a curiosity, adding that it has managed to make an impression of only a few microns, using a printer that performs the atom figure atom, with "tweezers" electron, only to find where was the impression it took 24 hours and for designing around 3 weeks.